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Spirit appears psychedelic and general because system of human body spirit suffers from a kind of complication that place of invigorative dissension disease causes,be, can easy occurrence phonism is psychedelic, can appear easily to multiple character to wait even, the can serious psychology condition that endangers health, also can affect normal life and work easily, can take a few medicaments to have treatment, also can cooperate the cure of mentally at ordinary times.

 Spirit appears psychedelic how to treat

Does spirit appear psychedelic how to treat?

The schizophrenia has a kind of very serious complication, that is psychedelic, constant regular meeting goes outLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Show phonism to wait psychedelic, affect oneself life quality badly, to appearing such symptom, it how should we treat ability is good how should we treat ability?

Phonism is to show without hearing stimulation also can appear the experience of aural phenomenon. Persistent verbal sex phonism often the expression of the schizophrenia. The schizophrenia is disease of division of a kind of spirit, it is one kind lasts, normally chronic major drive illness, it is the most serious kind in mental disease, be with main individual characterShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, the dissension of thinking, affection, behavior, do not coordinate a kind of when be main feature the commonnest mental disease of mental activity and environment, much blacker prime of life comes on, affect behavior and affection then.

Psychedelic with perception integrated obstacle is psychedelic see the patient at above of half the number, can comparative sometimes stubborn. The commonnest is phonism, basically be verbal sex phonism. The patient hears neighbour, family member, colleague or stranger talk, content often makes a patient unpleasant. What have diagnostic sex most is hear two or a few sound are talking about a patient, each other quarrel, or comment on a patient with the 3rd person () of phonism of sex of appraise sth through discussion. Patient of coerce of speech sound Chang Wei, command patient, or the idea that discusses a patient, comment on the patient’s behavior. The patient can hear a comment clearly each his word, because this is very painful.

 Spirit appears psychedelic how to treat

Patient behavior often suffers phonism to control. If be done with sound long dialog, huffish, yock, scared, or mutter, make incline the head listen attentively to shape; or be lost in in phonism, laugh oneself, solilo-quize, make steal steal murmurous record. Phonism can be true sex, sound comes from objective space, the outsideForum of Shanghai night net

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. Also can be false sex psychedelic, namely the patient hears phonic sound is in in brain dialog, talking about him.

Photism is not scarce also. The figure of schizophrenia photism often very distinct, clarity of color, size, appearance is visible. Content is much drabber and bizarre. If see a hand, half face, sign that does not have a head, there is a Lilliputian to wait in bulb. The figure of photism also can be inside the headForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Appear, the patient says is to use ” inside eye ” see, namely false sex photism.

Feel integrated obstacle to be in the schizophrenia is not scarce. Character disintegrate has certain characteristic in the schizophrenia, if the patient feels the head left his trunk, lost weight, the body is like wind energy gently to be blown, the presence that lower limbs did not feel when walking. Sometimes this kind experience is more complex and abstract, if the patient appeals to,narrate lost complete ” me ” feeling, “I ” dissension becomes two or 3, oneself are among them, only what partial spirit activity and carnal activity suffer him is control etc. 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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 Spirit appears psychedelic how to treat

The schizophrenia serves as spiritShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The mental illness with the most serious division, must hold to profess to convinced to fight the medicaments of the schizophrenia, in order to control the symptom of mental sex, lower the disease minimum to the patient’s harm. The proposal goes to hospital of public mental specialized subject seeing a doctor, as soon as possible medicaments of profess to convinced perhaps adjusts medicaments dosage in order to control a symptom. The family member should value a patient, lest appear from the circumstance of incomplete, self-wounding or injury and other,wait a moment.

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