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Of blain of the blain on the face red imprinting is very difficult subsidise, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The can long-term skin appearance that takes in oneself, the beautiful sex that can let him face ministry so gets very big impact, a lot of people are the cosmetic that can choose use block defect only goes cover, but the effect that treats with respect to short of at all so, still should want from food above proceed with, eat moreShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Some the food that enhances him skin metabolism, let the skin enter repair period as soon as possibleForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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 Blain of the blain on the face is red imprint how subsidise

Blain mark nurses

1) imprints in dark sore go up sweep on block defect frost

2) points to with the hand push block defect frost equably

3) is swept with block defect the share that having protuberant or high is done repair

The flour that 4) attacks to be close to with color of skin, the sweep off after 1 minute, this conduces to calm makeup suck oily cent, make the effect abiding also conduce to contractive pore.

Be far from scar

⒈ food respect: Eat chili, candy, adipose, seafood less. To carry have a bowel movement unobstructed should eat vegetable, fruit more.

 Blain of the blain on the face is red imprint how subsidise

⒉ life respect: Want to strike a proper balance between work and rest, little stay up late. Excitant food does not eat to be like coffee, spirited wine, strong tea before sleeping, can drink milk. Before sleeping, take exercise appropriately, conduce to Morpheus1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

⒊ treats a field: The proposal washs a face with sulfureous toilet soap, sulfureous already ameliorable skin is oily have antiseptic action; again but external use chloromycetin of medicine made of two or more ingredients, compound chloric Ding of frost, water. To already forming scar should have treatment.

Desalt method

⒈ uses 2~3 every weekShanghai noble baby

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Film of second beauty flour, also have the effect of desalt blain mark.

⒉ beauty white product has the effect of desalt blain mark, can use series beauty white product for a long time, should remember well while the beauty is white to want to ensure prevent everyday bask in.

It is very important that ⒊ holds to fixed chamfer to pledge, the blain that can improve dark quality not only imprints, also can let the skin draw more beautiful white part.

⒋ is OK element of beautiful white cream direct besmear is on blain mark, massage gently make more beautiful white composition absorb.

⒌ uses the beautiful white product that contains fruit acerbity part, the effect of weak spot will be a few faster.

⒍ everyday C of vitamin of profess to convinced, want to eat the fruit vegetable that contains vitamin C more at the same time.

Acid of ⒎ professional fruit changes skin to also have pretty good effect, fruit acid changes skin is to pass fruit acid to stimulate cellular hyperplasia to come desalt blain mark, but if be deeper blain mark,the effect still is finite.

⒏ uses the product that has desalt blain mark to imprint.

 Blain of the blain on the face is red imprint how subsidise

If ⒐ is not blain mark any more however the word of blain hole, can consider surgery of laser of have the aid of to treat only.

⒑ grew blain blain not to want his to use hand extruding, scabby hind cannot use hand subtract more, do not eat hot excitant food, it is normal that life daily life wants, do not stay up late assure Morpheus, protect even1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Hold pleasurable.

11.After using clean skin, be signed with cotton or toothpick touchs skin of Tu Youkeng position (ask daub of not large area) after 2~3 is divided, appear when the skin after becoming white (hoar skin but need not worry also need not special place is paid attention to inside a hour proper motion, use every week.

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